We are Jeremy and Stephanie Godwin and we have created Trans Manche Accountancy services to meet a growing need.

In today’s European Union there are many of you out there who have businesses in both the UK & France and are struggling between two very different taxation systems and types of social charges.

We are an experienced accountancy company with knowledge of both the French & the British way of doing things, as well as a strong knowledge of both the English and French languages.

Relocating to France?

Let us help you navigate your way through the complexities of the French taxation and accountancy systems

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Company Formation

Forming a company is tricky at the best of times and can be even more complicated in France. We help lots of English business owners through the minefield of company formation in France.

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Tax Return problems?

Whether English or French (or both), if you’re having trouble understanding or completing your tax returns, ask us to help you

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Jeremy Godwin English Accountant in FranceWant to find out more about Jeremy?

Stephanie Godwin

Stephanie carries out relocation consultations and helps people register as either self employed or salaried with the French authorities. Being bilingual, she also translates and sorts out problems for people who get into difficulties with French admin (tax office, RSI, URSSAF, MSA etc).

As a qualified and experienced teacher (BA Hons, PGCE, MA ED), Stephanie advises and helps with problems people have with the French education system. She also has a BHSAI and 10 years professional working experience on stud farms, and was with the MSA before France had to accept foreign professionals for 8 years, so there is not much about the MSA that she isn’t aware of!