autoentrepreneur considerations 11. There are a number of occupations that are regulated and so are not possible under the autoentrepreneur scheme. if you do not know how to approach the relevant authorities then your déclaration will be turned down and you will be back to square one with all that work wasted!

autoentrepreneur considerations 22. Also the régime of autoentrepreneur does not cover every type of work – you may register not knowing this and find that you have been transferred to another régime and you are liable for a high rate of cotisations aand are in the middle of a bureaucratic impasse.

autoentrepreneur considerations 33. If you think it is an easy way to get a carte vitale and be part of the health system then this is no longer true. The scheme was intended mainly for people who already have a social security number and healthcare – the RSI is not sending out social security numbers automatically and carte vitales are not being issued as a matter of course & since 01 2011 if you don’t declare any takings for 8 consecutive quarters then your registration is cancelled.

4. Depending on what sort of work you intend doing autoentrepreneur might not be your cheapest option. It is a forfait system – if you have a high rate of expenses you may end up paying more than under a réel system. Moreover, you cannot opt for this scheme if you are going to have a high turnover or pay TVA.

5. TVA cannot be claimed back in France after you have registered – don’t lose up to 19.6% of the investment in your new business by registering retrospectively.

autoentrepreneur considerations 4What options do you have?…