As from the 1st September 2015 new conditions to apply:-

Personal consultations are charged at 100€, whether by email or telephone or in person.

Ad hoc advice, translations, letters, etc for contracted clients is 40€ an hour. Help with problems arising from a tax investigation is 50€ an hour (or part of).

French declarations de revenus (tax returns)

These prices depend on the client filling out the standard questionnaire that we update and send out every year at the beginning of the tax return season. Otherwise we cannot guarantee to keep to the charges set out below.

  • Standard fee for straight forward, personal declarations of worldwide household income = 190€
  • For a personal declaration together with a declaration of revenus fonciers (rental income) = 225€
  • For declaring online (now obligatory) a holiday lets business (form Cerfa 2031) and a personal declaration, whether resident or non-resident = 300€
  • Handling of membership to a Centre de Gestion Agrée = 200€ (their fees not included)

Other fees (see below for details)

Registering a holiday let activity = 150€

Registering a UK company = £50 to cover government charges

Business set-ups from 200€:-

  • Autoentrepreneur = 200€ including translation of birth certificate and help with first quarterly declaration
  • TVA registration for non-French company = 250€ + 40€ an hour translations
  • Entreprise individuelle under régime réel simplifié = 250€ + 40€ an hour translations
  • SARL = 2,500€ to set-up


1. Accounts for a UK co. from £600

2. Accounts for a French sole trader (régime réel) from 950€ (Note : Does not include book-keeping)

3. Accounts for a SARL = 2 500€

If a booklet is needed for the bank then it is 400€ to set up and a 100€pa to update.

Online filing for the Greffe (now obligatory) = 150€

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