Living your dream in France

Everyone has their dream of a new life in France when they come to live here. For a great many it is not as simple as it seemed when they were packing up their old life! To get the best out of your new life needs professional knowledge and skills.
What your options are depends on what you want to achieve. The French love of complexities means that you have many choices. However, as ignorance is not an excuse here you need to make the right choice straight away to save yourself from stress and possibly worse.

  • Do you want a hobby that pays it’s way to pass the time
  • Do you just want some simple part-time work
  • Do you have a family
  • Do your kids need post brevet education
  • Do you want to build a business
  • Do you want to work in the UK but live in France
  • Do you want to start something entirely new
  • Will you need new French qualifications or to transfer existing ones

Our fees are 100€ for an initial consultation, either by phone, email or in person.

Thereafter, we can advise you at our hourly rate of 40€ (100€ minimum charge for non contracted clients) an hour with no hidden costs!

Or we can do a business set-up for you, including set-up of a SARL – this will cost you from 200€, depending on the nature and type of activity, and includes follow up advice (up until the receipt of the siret n°.)

We will also take care of any problems arising out of the registration and deal with any subsequent bureaucratic issues at our usual rates.