New rules for living in France

Don’t jeapordise your new life in France by closing your eyes to the rules!

In France ignorance is not bliss – in fact it is no defense at all.

It is your responsibility to find out and fulfill your obligations.

There could be severe repercussions if you hide your head in the sand – a simple phone call to us will help you out.

  1. If you are permanently resident in France you must register for taxation purposes at your local hôtel des impôts.
  2. If you do not do so then you cannot stay in France as a full time resident and when you come to sell your house it will be classified as a résidence sécondaire and you will have to pay taxes on the sale.
  3. To qualify for health care you have to contribute to the state by working and paying cotisations. Otherwise you must provide your own private source.
  4. If you avoid paying cotisations by travail noir then you risk fines and even prison sentences.
  5. If you don’t have a social security n° then your kids cannot qualify for free education after the age of 16.
  6. Become part of the system and share its benefits.
  7. You must register at your Mairie within 3 months of taking up residence
  8. You must fill in a tax form (déclaration des revenus) for the année civile in which you become a resident in France
  9. If you have less than the minimum income considered necessary to live on (around 8,000€ pa for a couple) then you must register a business and obtain a siret n°
  10. Or get a job.
  11. With your fiscal number (or social security n° if you have a job or business) and proof of residence then you can register with the Caisse Allocations Familiales
  12. You can also register your 16+ children in lycée.
  13. If you are agriculture based then you go to the MSA (mutualité société agricole)

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