Problems we help to resolve

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Living in France, want to start a business & don’t know which way to turn?

Need to fill out a déclaration de revenu & can’t make head or tail of it?

Has your bank account just been emptied to pay your latest cotisations bill?

Got kids and don’t know if you are getting the state help you are entitled to?

Problems with education?

Let us help – you need someone working for you.

Does it make sense to go to a French government employee – their job is to look after the government’s interests NOT YOURS!

We are at the end of the telephone line!

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Please note : Our fees are 100€ for an initial consultation, either by phone, email or in person. This is payable in advance, either by transfer or chèque on a French bank. Thereafter, we can advise you at our hourly rate of 40€ (100€ minimum charge for non contracted clients) an hour with no hidden costs!